Mole Removal in Milton Keynes

Is the appearance of a mole or wart making you self -conscious? Look no further than an effective Mole Removal treatment with us at Feather Skin Clinic in Milton Keynes.

What is Mole Removal?

Unsightly moles or warts are often the cause of anxiety. If you often wondered about removal, but were concerned about pain, or feared the process- our use of CryoPen technology is just the answer.

What is a Cryopen?

DCryoPen™ is the latest technology in removing unwanted skin legions. It uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and shatter unwanted benign legions, causing the cells to shatter and die. The key to this effective treatment is that it does so, without causing any damage to surrounding cells.

What should I expect from the Mole Removal?

This procedure is quick and easy, leaving little or no scarring. Results after six weeks are excellent and most clients are very pleased with their outcome. There is a huge advantage with this treatment of no need for anaesthetic or down time- as well as a virtually pain free procedure.

What are you waiting for?

How can I make a Mole Removal appointment?

Contact Feather Skin Clinic for a mole removal consultation with one of our highly experienced and friendly technicians. We will offer you free advice on whether or not this treatment is suitable for you and your areas of concern.


Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Our specialist ear, nose and throat doctor carefully and skilfully removes unwanted build up within the ear canal. This treatment improves hearing and helps to safely clear the ears without causing irritation.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

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£60 for 1 session

£100 for 2 treatments

How it works

Our laser hair removal therapists will put together a personalised treatment plan together for you based on your skin and hair type.


Our laser hair removal equipment can target multiple hair follicles at the same time due to their large spot size.

We use laser hair removal technology for different hair and skin types.


Each session you attend will see your hair reduced. We recommend an initial course of 6-12 treatments depending on skin tone and body area.


Preparation and Aftercare for Laser Hair Removal


1. Arrive to your appointment free of make up. Discontinue use of AHA’s, retinoids and acids 3 days prior to your appointment.

2. No waxing, plucking, threading or depilatories for at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment

3. Hair should be cleanly shaven.

4. No sunbeds, sun tanning or fake tan for4 weeks prior to treatment.

5. Notify clinic of any changes to your medical history or medications prior to treatment.



1. Avoid sun exposure and use a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen

2. Redness and perifollicular edema (looks like a rash/bug bites) are common and resolve with time.

3. Bruising and swelling are less common but may occur and will resolve with time.

4. Avoid heat – hot tubs, saunas, etc. for 1-2 days

5. Avoid skin irritants (examples below) a few days post-treatment

6. Hair may take up to 2 weeks to fall out.


Book a Free Consultation

Feather Skin Clinic Milton Keynes recommend the below for Mole Removal:





We understand that everyone is slightly different so book in a free consultation with our Mole Removal Therapists so we can build your treatment plan.

What our customers think

Maria Floyd
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I've just completed a course of six laser hair removal sessions on my neck and I'm over the moon with the results. I've had a number of laser treatments in the past at a different clinic and although it slowed down the hair growth it eventually grew back almost as bad and I still had to shave in between, but the machine used at the Feather Skin Clinic is on another level - I noticed a difference after just one session and there was barely any regrowth in between over the period of about six months. Sarah, the owner, is very knowledgeable and offers great prices so I've now booked in for some sessions on my face. I have a hormone disorder that causes excess hair that's been a source of embarrassment for years so this treatment is a godsend. Would recommend!
Ewa Kładź
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Hi, my names is Ewa😁 I would like to tell you about wonderful effect of the diode laser is applied to the face, hair after the first treatment almost stopped growing. It's amazing, only a diode laser works like that. The crew is kind and professional. I highly recommend it. Thanks 😘😁
Kazi Sajeed
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My wife found the staff very friendly and she took a package that was very good value for money. So far experience has been seamless and hassle free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our laser technology is the gold standard medical treatment in treating hair removal. It is by far the fastest, safest and most effective method of hair removal. It has a range of benefits of not just permanently removing hair, but also getting rid of those annoying spots from shaving or waxing. We are certain that if we love it, then you will too.

We advise our clients that a minimum of six sessions are required to see the full benefits of the laser. This is due to the fact that the laser weakens the hair follicle with every session. The more sessions you have, the more your hair follicles are destroyed. If required, you may benefit from a ‘booster’ session if you haven’t been under the laser in a very long time.

This treatment is suitable for both men and women interested in laser. You don’t have to be ‘hairy’ to be interested, just simply being fed up with shaving, waxing, plucking is a good enough excuse to pop into our clinic. We will be more than happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your suitability.

We ensured that we selected the safest laser to use on our patients. We provide all of our clients with pre and post aftercare information sheets that minimize the risks of experiencing any unwanted side effects. We are 100% confident in our therapists so as long as you follow our advise, no effects should be experienced.

Mole Removal Pricing

Mole & Skin Tag removal

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Mole or Skin Tag Removal

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